English Testing for Companies

We invite all employers throughout the world to bring EF SET to their company. Find out how your employees’ English levels rank and help your teams talk the talk.

Survey your employees to gain an understanding of their needs and next steps as it relates to their English levels and your future business decisions. Whether you have 20 or 2,000 employees, EF SET is for you!

Trusted by More Than 2,500 Companies

Hundreds of companies are already using the EF SET to assess their level of English. Strong English proficiency throughout an organization encourages knowledge-sharing and fosters innovation, but submitting your staff to a standardized English test has always been prohibitively time-consuming and complicated to organize.

Low Coordination, High Value and Significant Savings

Your employees will receive precise and comprehensive results, and as the employer, there is no associated cost and the coordination is minimal.

EF SET is freely available online allowing for hundreds of thousands in savings and ease in coordinating large-scale testing. Your team can take the online English test when and where they would like, and it does not need to interfere with the workday.

Results to Drive Your Business Decisions and Allocate Resources

Low levels of English are often sources of misunderstanding and delay, and in many cases, they are blocking points for career progression. For an HR manager, identifying those who need extra support in a timely and efficient manner is difficult. But with the EF SET, regular, company-wide standardized English testing is now a realistic proposal.

By using the EF SET, your colleagues will get an accurate measure of their English ability, and you can finally get the information you need to invest English training resources advantageously.

How to Start Using EF SET

We offer a service to effortlessly integrate our tests into your own website to help you generate more traffic or offer certifications to your employees.

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In addition to our EF SET testing services, our colleagues with EF Corporate Solutions offer structured learning programs to help you and your employees develop your English skills. If you prefer a program that relies predominantly on flexible self-study, or one that is guided by our global network of EF Teachers, we have a range of programs that can suit your specific needs.