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We love to hear from you and aim to respond within 1 week. If you took the EF SET via your company or as part of a job recruitment process, please use this form instead.

Some of your most common questions:

  • Certificate name corrections -> send an e-mail to with your name and a link to your EF SET certificate.

  • Speaking test -> Log in to your account. There's a link to the speaking test under the person icon in the menu

  • 120-minute test -> Unfortunately it's not offered anymore

  • Certificate acceptance -> Ask your university / school / company if they will accept this exam. We can't tell you who accepts the EF SET because we don't keep track.

  • Authentification / printing /stamping -> We do not have these services, but you are welcome to download the PDF certificate from your account and print it out yourself.

  • Technical problems -> Clearing your cookies often helps, or trying from a different device. If you can't create an account, try switching to the English-language version of and entering your name in Latin characters.

If this doesn't help, fill out the form below. All fields marked with * are mandatory.

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